Welcome to Qian Wang’s website! Feel free to call me Jasmine if you are not sure how to pronounce my name. Actually, I picked Jasmine as my French name while I was learning French ten years ago. It became my English name naturally when I first came to the United States for my master degree in Mass Communication at University of Florida in 2008.

It has been over a decade since then. However, everything happened that time, why I decided to quit my job and come to America and what was my first impression about the country, still appears vividly before my eyes. The past ten years have witnessed my growth and frustration on the road to a real scholar and professor in journalism and mass communication. My journey to this goal was joined by a loving husband and two angel babies, who became part of my life and the most precious gifts I could ever have in my life. And it culminated with a Ph.D. degree in Journalism, which I received from The University of Texas at Austin. Currently, I teach as assistant professor of digital media at Massachussetts College of Liberal Arts.

Although life must be lived forwards, it can only be understood backwards. Looking back, I chose to be a journalist since my undergraduate study to “come as close as possible to the heart of the world,” as Henry Luce said. Whether journalism is history’s first draft or organized gossip, it is something that I have preserved and pursued more than a decade.

With the thriving of new technologies and Internet-based communication tools, there is no doubt that traditional media become old-fashioned to this digital world. I am amazed at how fast traditional journalism has faded away. This is part of the reason that I started this website—to keep a record of my good old days as a journalist in various traditional media outlets.

However, the essence of journalism—timely reporting of objective facts to the public—still serves as the foundation of any kind of communication nowadays. The fact that traditional media do not fit the container of this digital world should not freak people out. What really matters is what new media have brought about to our society, how traditional media transform to survive, and in what ways new technologies can help to achieve better communication in society, be it organizational, interpersonal, or intercultural communication. These are also the questions I am interested in and would like to research as a scholar of journalism and mass communication.