I taught various journalism and communication courses, both undergraduate and graduate level. I strive to provide an environment where my students can develop critical thinking skills and global perspectives. I always encourage my students to reach beyond national, cultural, and political boundaries to explore the world. My goal as an educator is to blend knowledge and skill, helping my students to think critically about social issues, problem-solve, and successfully navigate the workforce.

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Thank You Notes From My Students

Writing and Reporting for the News

  • Taught students understand news values and write for digital news platforms
  • Taught students to critically evaluate news articles and the journalism industry

News Editing Practicum

  • Advised the college newspaper – The Beacon
  • Advised the college TV studio –The BWN

Introduction to Mass Media

  • Taught students the evolution and impact of mass media on society and individuals
  • Guided students to apply proper theory to explain critique media content

Media Writing and Production

  • Teach students multimedia skills, including WordPress, Audacity/Audition, Final Cut Pro/iMovie, and Soundslides.
  • Guided students in building a portfolio of print, photo, audio, and video news stories.

Mobile News App Design         

  • Guided students in planning and developing their own news apps for iPhone/iPad.
  • Led weekly, multimedia labs in which students learn news writing skills.
  • Created and managed the class website http://www.utapps.com/.
  • Helped students present and promote their apps to local professionals.

Women and the News               

  • Guided students to examine and evaluate the media representations of women
  • Help students develop critical thinking skills in gender, race and media

Freedom: Philosophy, History, and Law         

  • Led three weekly discussion sections in which students discuss and debate the history of American freedom, inequality of gender and race, and other issues related to freedom and liberty.

Intermediate Reporting                                        

  • Teach students professional news writing skills.
  • Assisted students in topic selection, interview skills, and news reporting.